Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Does my school or office need a licensed commercial kitchen to use The Healthy Lunch Box’s services?
No. As licensed caterers, we cook in our own kitchen and bring it to you fresh, hot/cold and ready-to-serve! Portable “tabletop” steamers or steam cabinets can keep food hot during food service period. To serve our meals, schools need a table, a standard, dedicated electrical plug, and a space to secure extra supplies needed. The Health Department supersedes our requirements, but contact us to discuss.

What are the costs of The Healthy Lunch Box meals?
We are affordable! The Healthy Lunch Box meals are affordably priced between $3.25 – $6.50 per lunch meal. Specific pricing depends on payment method, menu offered, school location, enrollment size and age of students served, CACFP/NSLP food program requirements, and who serves food to the children/method.

I want The Healthy Lunch Box at my child’s school! What do I do?
Many times parents refer us to their children’s school. We can meet with the administration, provide food samples, prepare a proposal and provide references. To get the ball rolling, please call Theresa Barajas at 281-444-8444 ext. 1.

If my child is absent on a day I paid for lunch, do I get credit for this meal?
Parents may receive a full credit if a meal is cancelled by midnight. (Parents can cancel it on the online payment system). Parents access online ordering and may easily modify, change or cancel lunch orders for any reason for the following day or future dates. If you have trouble accessing the website, please leave a message on our voice system at 281-444-8444 x 2. MAKE SURE TO LEAVE THE NAME OF YOUR SCHOOL, CHILD’S NAME AND GRADE, MEAL DATE YOU ARE REFERRING TO, AND WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO. Please remember that we serve 50 schools each day so you need to be specific and we will take care of your needs. We do return phone calls.

My child is on a special diet. Can The Healthy Lunch Box accommodate this diet?
We are preparing food for large groups. We can often accommodate many simple substitutions, but cannot offer gluten-free meals or individually prepared special meals at this time. Contact us for more details. We can help you much better if you call Tobie Briner at 281-444-8444 x 3.