About The Healthy Lunch Box

We are Motivated by Student Satisfaction!

Since opening in 1996, the biggest goal of The Healthy Lunchbox is to offer a high standard of meals for the students we serve. Our quality begins with our clean facility, a 7,000 sq ft licensed, commercial kitchen that is departmentalized to increase food safety. This kitchen has 80 linear feet of Captive Aire Vent Hoods, and beneath it is filled with convection ovens, tilt skillets, steamers, mixers and warmers. We have several large walk-in coolers and freezers, and an air conditioned dry pantry to keep our ingredients fresh!

As a caterer for just over 50 Houston schools, we recognize that we cannot address every dietary preference or concern. However, we do our very best to ensure that the food we produce is of the freshest quality that we can afford. We discovered that by having ample fresh food storage capacity, we can address health and nutrition concerns common to most school lunch programs.

Since our inception in 1996, The Healthy Lunch Box has produced school lunches using traditional, home-style cooking methods. In recent years, awareness about school lunches and child nutrition has evolved. These recent changes actually were a great “fit” for The Healthy Lunch Box as we use simple, traditional cooking methods to prepare many menu items completely from scratch – eliminating the need for many typical manufactured/processed foods offered in many school lunch programs.

Our cafeteria-style meal services typically include:

  • Many home-style meats cooked “from scratch” such as roast beef and baked chicken
  • Fresh/Frozen vegetables – blanched, steamed, sautéed to preserve nutrients!
  • Fresh salads with romaine lettuce – no “bagged” salads or unnecessary preservatives
  • Ultra-Grain pastas, breads and rice – with a blend of whole grain and enriched flour
  • Combinations of fresh, frozen and canned fruits
  • Soups are made completely “from scratch” including fresh meats, poultry and vegetables

Contact us to bring healthy and delicious meals to your school or educational program.